Runners High 10k


October & November Challenge

Experience a runners high with our medal!

What is a runners high? “Psychologically, runners may experience euphoria, a feeling of being invincible, a reduced state of discomfort or pain, and even a loss in sense of time while running,” says Jesse Pittsley, PhD, president of the American Society for Exercise Physiologists.

This medal features the chromosome symbol for a “runners high” – it’s an intricate raised metal medal complete with glitter – picture does not do it justice.

Adults and children of all ages welcome! The event can be run or walked in one, or in a series of walk/runs.

Our charitable donation has been made on this event to the Cancer Research, for further details about the charity, click here.

Medal dimensions: 65 x 63 x 4mm

This challenge runs from 1st October – 30th November 2019.

Final date for evidence submission to guarantee medal will be 14th December 2019.

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