Summer Solstice 21 Miles


LIVE EVENT – You have 2 months from the date of purchase to complete this medal if purchasing now. If you pre-ordered the medal before 1st June 2021, you have until 31st July 2021 to claim it.

You can earn your own Summer Solstice Medal, marking the 21st June 2021 with 21 Miles. The term summer solstice is derived from Latin and means ‘the sun stands still’. It marks the moment the sun reaches its highest elevation in the Northern Hemisphere, providing the UK with the the longest day of the year with sunlight that lasts for almost 17 hours. The sarsen stones at Stonehenge, put up in at the centre of the site in about 2500 BC, were carefully aligned to line up with the movements of the sun. If you were to stand in the middle of the stone circle on midsummer’s day, the sun rises just to the left of the Heel Stone, an outlying stone to the north-east of the monument.

For every medal sold between now and 30th June 2021, we’ll donate 50p to English Heritage. English Heritage, owner of Stonehenge offer a hands-on experience by enduring values of authenticity, quality, imagination, responsibility and fun. Their vision is that people will experience the story of England where it really happened.

Adults and children of all ages welcome. The event can be run or walked in one, or in a series of walk/runs. You can claim your medal as soon as you have run/walked the distance and the event is open. You will be sent your medal as soon as your evidence has been received, you don’t need to wait until the end of the challenge.

*If ordering multiple entries, please specify the other runners names in the comments section so they can be included on their e-bibs*

Medal Dimensions : 70mm x 70mm x 3mm

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