Will Run For Chocolate 17.2KM


March & April Challenge.

If you love chocolate (who doesn’t?) then this one will appeal to you! Reward yourself with your very own calorie free chocolate bar medal, unwrap your parcel when it arrives and tuck in!

Why 17.2KM? By our calculations, 17.2KM (10.68 miles) is the distance you need to run in order to burn off a standard 200g bar of chocolate meaning run this in one go and you can enjoy a real bar with no guilt 😉 #WinWin

Adults and children of all ages welcome! The event can be run or walked in one, or in a series of walk/runs.

A charitable donation has been made for this medal to the Fairtrade Foundation.

*If ordering multiple entries, please specify the other runners names in the comments section so they can be included on their e-bibs*

Medal Dimensions : 90mm x 65mm x 3mm.

This challenge runs from 1st March – 30th April 2020.

Final date for evidence submission to guarantee medal will be 14th May 2020.

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