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Before contacting us, please take a look at our FAQ below

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide, just choose the country on the checkout page.

How much is delivery?

Delivery in the UK is free of charge. For anything outside the UK, it is £5 per order. You can order multiple medals under the same order to save on shipping.

How do you take payment?

We use Paypal as our merchant. You can pay either through logging into your Paypal account (if you have one) or by using a credit/debit card – please choose the correct option when prompted.

How long will it take for my medal to arrive?

For the UK we say to allow 5 working days from submission of your evidence. For EU, 2 weeks and for International, 6 weeks. If your medal does not arrive in this time, please email us.

Can a child earn a medal?

Yes, please see full details above.

Can I buy for more than 1 person in the same order?

Yes. Please just use the notes section to give us their full name so we can send their personalised ebib.

If I buy for more than 1 person, can it be shipped direct to them?

Yes. Please just use the notes section to give us their full name and address. If you are purchasing from the UK, please note this will only include delivery to another UK address.

Why does my order still show as “processing”?

It will only change to “complete” once your evidence has been received and your medal has been posted. If you have multiple events on the same order, it will only complete once all of them have been earn’t and posted.

Do I have to walk/run it in 1 go?

Not at all, you can walk/run the distance in as many series as you would like – as long as it is completed in the time frame of the challenge.

Do I have to provide evidence?

Yes, unless you are a child (see above). We do not send any medals out until evidence has been received.

How can I record my evidence?

You can use screen shots of any health/tracking app from your phone. If you don’t use these, we can accept photos of treadmills or just a list on a spreadsheet or paper with the date and distance covered.

Can I submit my evidence as I go?

We ask for you to send the evidence once you have completed the distance to ensure no evidence is lost part way through your challenge.

Where do I submit my evidence?

Please use our online form here.

Can I use race/Parkrun evidence to earn my medal?

Yes, any evidence that is in the correct time frame is acceptable.

Can I backdate my evidence?

No, evidence must be from within your challenge time frame.

Can I use the same evidence for more than 1 challenge?

Yes, you can use the same evidence for multiple challenges but you will need to submit the form for each.

What if I can’t complete the challenge in the time frame?

Please email us on, where possible we will add an extension on for you.

What if I haven’t submitted my evidence?

Once the date for evidence submission has passed, we will email you twice to remind you to send it in. After this, we cannot guarantee stock of your medal in line with our terms and conditions

What hours do you work?

Virtual Running Events’ admin is open Mon – Fri 9-5pm, however please allow up to 48 working hours for us to respond to emails and messages.

What is your refunds/faulty medal policy?

All medals are thoroughly quality checked before they leave our premises. In the case of a medal being faulty or damaged during transit, please contact us via email. If you have been unable to complete your challenge, you can have an extension added to your event, please email us to do this. If you have not claimed your medal, you will receive two separate emails reminding you to provide your evidence for your medal to be sent. If we do not hear from you, we cannot guarantee stock of your medal. We do not offer refunds for any challenges not completed or required. 

How can I contact you?

You can email us on or message us through our Facebook Page.