Record Breaker Challenge


3 Month Challenge. LIVE EVENT OPEN NOW.

Break yourself out of your usual routine and instead challenge and reward yourself with our medal!

This one is for all of you record breakers out there! Chasing the PB can be hard so let us help you with the incentive and motivation. Submit your PB attempt time and distance upon purchasing and we’ll reward you with this amazing medal as a congratulations when you achieve it!

Adults and children of all ages welcome. The event can be run or walked in one, or in a series of walk/runs. You can claim your medal as soon as you have run/walked the distance and the event is open. You will be sent your medal as soon as your evidence has been received, you don’t need to wait until the end of the challenge. You have 3 months from your purchase date to complete the challenge and 14 days after the end date to submit your evidence in line with our terms and conditions.

A charitable donation has been made for this medal to The Running Charity.

*If ordering multiple entries, please specify the other runners names in the comments section so they can be included on their e-bibs*

Medal dimensions: 80mm x 55mm x 3mm

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Distance & Time To Beat?

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