Shell Yeah! 10K – May 2021 Event


May & June 2021 Challenge – Please note, you cannot earn or submit evidence for this event before 1st May 2021. Only evidence dated from 1st May 2021 can be used to claim your medal.

Aren’t we lucky to have such beautiful oceans around us? Isn’t it just wonderful to see wildlife enjoying their free habitat? Don’t we all want to help protect our sea life? SHELL YEAH we do! Challenge yourself to our 10K event, and not only receive the most gorgeous bling around, but you can help that mission too.

For every medal sold between now and 31st May 2021, we’ll donate 50p to The Sea Life Trust. The SEA LIFE Trust is a conservation charity working to protect turtle nesting beaches, fund turtle rescue and rehabilitation and combat threats of pollution and turtle hunting.

Adults and children of all ages welcome. The event can be run or walked in one, or in a series of walk/runs. You can claim your medal as soon as you have run/walked the distance and the event is open. You will be sent your medal as soon as your evidence has been received, you don’t need to wait until the end of the challenge.

*If ordering multiple entries, please specify the other runners names in the comments section so they can be included on their e-bibs*

Medal Dimensions : 70mm x 70mm x 3mm

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