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Why Do The Challenges Last 2 Months?


Earlier this year, after a group brainstorm, we decided to change our challenges to last from 1 month to 2. Why you ask? For 3 reasons:

1) Injuries. Injuries plague us runners at the best of times. Even though we always say we’re happy to extend challenge dates if people can’t finish them in time, a lot of people feel the pressure to have completed it within the month and sadly this has led previously to people not claiming their medals. By extending it to 2 months, this means anyone who needs to take a couple of weeks off to rest can without worrying. Our extension to dates still exists, just drop us an email if this ever applies to you.

2) Life. Life has a habit of not going the way we plan it to. Some customers struggle to fit their runs in, some have priorities that leap well over the top of the importance of a medal and therefore they miss their time to get out. A month can be from 28 – 31 days, that’s not a long time to achieve what can be big distances. Having 2 months means anyone who is busy has plenty of time to squeeze their runs in.

3) Money. Whilst this hasn’t stopped us launching a monthly medal, stock depending, this now means people have a lot longer to purchase our current medal than they used to. Perfect for the times when you’re trying to balance the incomings and the outgoings!

Does this mean I now have to wait 2 months for my medal?

No, nothing has changed! Just like always, as soon as you’ve run/walked enough to qualify for the distance, send your evidence in HERE and we’ll post your medal out to you! If you run it all on the 1st of the month, we can have it out to you within days.

What if I signed up later in the challenge and can’t complete it all in the deadline?

Drop us an email to we’re always happy to extend the challenges for you for an extra month (more if needed), just let us know so we can make a note on your order.